We will focus on making housing options more accessible and affordable, with smart, sustainable investment for critical needs, especially in western Massachusetts and Cape Cod.

• Repeal the MBTA zoning regulations

• Support the West-East Rail Link

• Create an intra-agency task force to prioritize infrastructure needs statewide

• Change the c.90 funding formula to weight road miles more than population

The Diehl-Allen Administration will promote prosperity for Massachusetts residents and the competitiveness of our state in the global economy. That requires policies to recruit new and existing companies to relocate here. It also means creating new jobs and providing job training for those who need it. And, it requires support for small businesses and women entrepreneurs.

• Address shortfalls in the state Unemployment Insurance Fund without any rate increase for employers.

• Enact the Baker tax cut proposals

• Confirm / restore a flat income tax for all citizens and businesses

• Create a new state “Jobs Boss” to focus specifically on attracting new companies to MA and growing jobs

Our children are our future. The Diehl-Allen Administration will empower parents to determine appropriate curriculum within schools. We also will provide additional vocational training capacity, and align our state workforce education with modern career opportunities. We will allow educational spending to follow the child so that schools compete in the goal of better academic outcomes.

• Create a new agency within DESE to monitor schools for the promotion of any political agenda

• Lift the charter school cap

• Improve school safety and security with increased police presence in the schools

• Extend the free school lunch program, with emphasis on local farm sources

We will promote transparency with the cost of medical products and procedures, and we will keep government bureaucracy from interfering with personal health decisions. We will increase capacity for mental health services and expand addiction recovery centers into suburban settings to keep patients closer to families and jobs as they rehabilitate.

We will demonstrate a greater commitment to renewable energy and promoting energy independence, along with measures to safeguard coastal and other environmentally-sensitive areas.

• Eliminate excise taxes on electric vehicles through 2030 (with municipal backfill)

• Suspend the gas tax if the price of gas is over $3 per gallon

The Diehl-Allen Administration will allocate state resources responsibly, with robust support for Local Aid, and without policies that harm taxpayers. We will reform state agencies by using innovation to improve the delivery of services to the public, restore trust in the integrity of our elections.

• Curtail emergency powers so they are limited to a certain time without review and legislative approval

• Establish a special commission to study whether COVID relief funds were wasted

• Create an ombudsman in each executive agency to make sure programs best serve the people

• Subject the Legislature to independent audit powers

• Prioritize Local Aid for cities and towns, including in the expenditure of additional federal COVID money

• Appoint a special bipartisan commission to study the safety and integrity of mail-in voting

We will support individual liberty and Constitutional rights, and we will eliminate unfair mandates.

• Rehire all state workers who were fired just because they refused a vaccine – and terminate any executive branch manager who independently made a decision to mandate vaccines for employees

• Confirm the rights of those who wish to refuse a vaccine for bona fide sincerely-held religious beliefs

The Diehl-Allen Administration will support first responders. We will get tough on crime and commit to unleash all available law enforcement resources in the fight against the drug trade. We will nominate judges who don’t use two sets of rules to determine guilt and punishment in the courtroom.

• Re-file the Gov. Baker dangerousness bill, if not passed

• Require data sharing between all state agencies and local/federal agencies as to immigration status

• Repeal any moratorium on prison construction, if passed

• Establish a fund for PFAS remediation for first responders